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The first and second WECAN coaching session in N. Macedonia

The first session of the Macedonian national pilots of the WECAN training for empowerment of women entrepreneurs took place on May 20th (Thursday). The second session of this training took place on May 25 (Tuesday) and was equally successful!

At the very beginning of this session, the women who are part of this training introduced themselves in a creative way by sharing with each other the things capture their personality that most or that are part of their daily lives. After the interactive introduction, the participants were comprehensively presented the WECAN project, its activities and goals as well as the previous realizations and developments within it.
After gaining full insight into the project, the participants had the opportunity to learn about the flower of the 9 Entrecomp skills and then through the Entrecomp exercise they determined their skills with circles in different colors depending on what they considered to be their weaknesses, strengths and those that still need to be developed. Having a better insight into their skills, the participants then had the opportunity to fully discover their IKIGAI. In addition to these two interactive exercises in which they actively participated, at the end of the session they were presented with the Lean methodology with both its principles and all stages of development were presented to them, including the MVP product.

On the second session of this training the participants were again fully involved during the session which started with an interactive workshop in which the women had the opportunity to learn about their own knowledge, attitudes and skills they need so that they can become a successful entrepreneur. They also gradually built their entrepreneurial attitude for the first time and had the opportunity to develop and translate their business ideas into a plan guided by their IKIGAI. That is why at the very end of this session it was talked about getting to know the Business Model Navigator and identifying the stages of development that helped them fully focus on the realization of their own business plan and concretize their idea while following the Lean steps for testing their assumptions.


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