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The current document is the Part B of the WECAN Toolkit for Women Entrepreneur. It gathers 18 activities which are aimed at supporting the WECoaches during the coaching relationship and three Energizers based on the use of Methaphors.The activities are divided into Energizers and Ice-Breakers, the firsts being activities to boost the coachees’ involvement and participation in the coaching journey, while the seconds are meant to ‘break the ice’ and give the WECoaches practical tools to help the coachees to start each coaching session with a positive and committed attitude.

The activities have been developed in parallel with Part A, the Methodological Guide. The activities, in fact, are associated with the four topic addressed in the Guide:

  1. The Coach-coachee match.
  2. Entrepreneurship
  3. How do we learn?
  4. How to design the coaching sessions?

Each topic is backed by several activities which will help the WECoaches incentivize a collaborative relationship. The activities are therefore in support of the WECoaches who can use them in the different phases of the coaching relationship and every time they feel the need to. The activities will be useful for the WECoaches to empower the trainees and to support them along the journey.

The activities have been designed in an engaging way that can help the coaching relationship overcome standstills or difficult situations. The WECoach can use them to start the coaching activities or engage the coachee if she loses her focus and attention. The activities offer the WECoaches the tools to encourage:

  • Self-analysis and self-awareness,
  • Motivation and goal setting,
  • Sense of initiative,
  • Active listening and communication,
  • Self-management, problem-solving and stress management.

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