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Topic 4 helps WECoaches in understanding what type of support the coachees need at each stage of the coaching relationship, that is, initiation, cultivation, separation, and redefinition stage. In order to do this, the methodology explains the three crucial moments of the coaching relation:

  1. design the coaching sessions,
  2. the implementation phase; and
  3. the evaluation stage



The fourth topic is addressed at WECoaches and aims at helping them understand what type of support the coachees need at each stage of the coaching relationship. According to the literature analysed during the preparation of this methodology, there are three main stages in a coaching relationship (Kram, 1983; B. R. Ragins & Kram, 2007):


Some scholars also consider the so-called redefinition stage, which only occurs when the coach and the coachees decide to continue the relationship after having achieved the predefined goals.

The aforementioned stages correspond to:

  • The design of the mentoring sessions,
  • The implementation of the coaching sessions, and
  • The evaluation of the sessions.

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