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In topic 3, the methodology places an emphasis on the pedagogical notions of reflective-reflexive learning and encourage peer learning and co-creation - exploring language, style and presentation in a reflective way, which is how knowledge is actually acquired. Emphasis is put on communication and confidence building.

Existing literature and practice recognises three distinctive perspectives on learning as a process: the experiential perspective, the behavioural, and learning through the social perspective.  The learning through the social perspective can be best described as learning from others and imitating their behaviour.  It is a predominant learning process of children and teenagers and is based on intrinsic motivation, or the internally driven motivation to learn. Contrary to the social perspective, behavioural perspective emphasises learning through consequences.  An excellent example comes from the operant behaviour which describes one of the most fundamental ways individuals learn. It begins with the recognition of the connection between behaviour and consequence and learning to “operate” in that environment through positive (rewards) and negative (punishments) reinforcement (Merizow, 1983).

The overreliance of the first perspective on intrinsic motivation (internally driven motivation) and the second perspective on extrinsic motivation (external rewards and punishments) are the reasons why we emphasise the benefits of experiential perspective which creates a balance between the intrinsic and extrinsic motivators, where the concrete experience are the central focus and incentive for learning. Further, the same is the most effective learning strategy when applied to business environments, especially when the learner is in direct contact with the studied realities during the learning process, instead of vaguely reading, hearing and talking about the reality but never coming in direct touch with it. That is why the method is often referred to as Learning By Doing.


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