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As it has been explained in this section of the methodology, the roles of mentor and coach are very useful to understand the role that should be played by WEcoaches: it is a role which needs to fit the needs of someone who is starting a new, professional path – in this case, to become an entrepreneur. Of course, the learning path that leads to this goal is susceptible to several challenges, such as gender gap, need of sharing experiences or several learning expectations. The project WECAN, by combining some “features” of the role of a mentor (such as accompanying and guiding) with the ones of a coach (such as motivating and setting goals) gives a new approach in the learning path of adult women who wants to be successful entrepreneurs, providing them not only with valuable tools but also with peers who can help them achieve the professional success they have always desired.

To be a WECoach, some skills and competences are needed, but the most important ones are soft skills and personal attitudes. Being empathic, available, proactive, active listener and caring, among other qualities, increases the possibilities to build a relationship of trust and motivation, necessary for a satisfactory experience of WECoaching, for both parties included.


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