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IO3. WECAN e-Learning Pack

The training materials (IO1+IO2) will be transferred into an OER (open educational resource) in a form of a virtual learning environment, as an openly accessible e-learning platform in order to spreadit as widely as possible, to be easily accessible and usable for the target group, thus allowing anhigher transferability, sustainability and multiplication of its use and impact in the partners country.

The OER will be hosted within the project website.

The output will offer the wider community access to follow the course and get all the knowledge developed plus a diploma.This intellectual output will comprise an easy-to-use, customised E-learning pack to support and aidlearning for adult peer coaches, helping them to become more effective, develop their practice andtransferable skills and apply these to their work settings across the European non-formal learningsector.

The E-learning pack will be portable, in that it will be available and accessible via mobile devices eg:smartphones and tablets. It will feature valuable information, advice and guidance (IAG), practicallearning styles and techniques (self-assessment/effectiveness), games and activities to developwork-related soft skills (improving confidence and key competences in digital skills, learning to learn,social potential, leadership and entrepreneurship, self-awareness and expression).

The E-manual will draw upon the contents developed in IO2 as its primary source to create anattractive, interactive digital learning environment that will have a number of features, specifically:

  • User friendly interface
  • Simple to use and intuitive
  • Adaptable for use in multiple settings
  • Gaming elements to recognise achievement levels
  • Visually appealing and clear language
  • Ability to interact with short audio clips/video clips (similar to Instagram/SnapChat – possibly withintegrated aspects)

Project Coordinator

Centre d'Information Europe Direct

47, rue du Coq, 13001 Marseille, France
+33 4 91 42 94 75

Charlotte Perault, EU Project Manager

Hélène Seigneur, EU Project Manager

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