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IO2. The WECAN Curriculum Programme

Arising from the methodology developed in IO1, Innovative training materials will be created by the partners, led by CSI. Arising from the methodologyand toolkit development in IO1, the WECAN curriculum will be designed, developed, tested andconfirmed. The WECAN curriculum will incorporate two parts:

  1. A practitioner guide, which will set out the WECAN approach for WECoaches, so that they are ableto apply the core approach model and adapt it to their peer context and learning needs. It will consistof practical tools, needs diagnostics, methods, techniques and resources. It will set out detailedguidelines, observation frameworks and assessment guidance for the implementation of thecurriculum and the evaluation of learning outcomes. This will ensure that the learning attained bypartners as the programme develops and goes through its testing periods is captured anddocumented for use of the curriculum in the future.
  2.  A detailed modular learning programme, which will set out in detail the modular topics, sub-topics,areas to be covered, format and learning outcomes/objectives, including the selection andorganisation of content, learning and organisation of experiences and a step-by-step approach to thelearning outcomes. It will include a range of exercises. As informed by the methodology concept, themodular programme will be structured against knowledge, skills and attitudes specified by the criticalEuropean Reference Framework (ERF) and EntreComp Framework. The emphasis in each case ison critical thinking, creativity, initiative, problem-solving, risk assessment, decision making andconstructive management of feelings. They provide added value for employment and social cohesionfor adult women.

The Curriculum aims to offer a comprehensive knowledge and information programme forWECoaches about skills and competences required today to Coach and Assess WomenEntrepreneurs, especially unemployed adult women out of employment but with a drive to start uptheir own enterprise and/or willing to acquire entrepreneurial skills and mindset and apply it to enterthe labour market.


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