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The idea that success stories are born even during a pandemic is shown by the story of Alexandra, who recently decided to open her own shop in the Old Skopje Bazaar in N.Macedonia where she makes and sells filigree jewelry.

As a young student, Alexandra decides to start training in filigree. She says that this craft has always been a technique that fascinated her.  In her small shop / workshop, there is a small desk with tiny tools from which a piece of jewelry is born. The opening of the workshop was in December 2020, which can be said to be a story that began to develop well during a pandemic.

She learns the craft from tuitions, but she says that the main contribution for her improvement in the tecnique was that of a master-jeweler, whose workshop is also located in the bazaar. According to her, the transfer of knowledge and craft from the elderly to the younger ones in the Old Skopje Bazaar is an important moment in keeping the tradition.

The desire for filigree has existed for a long time. Alexandra says that she was delighted from a young age while walking on the streets of the bazaar, but she did not hope that the story of MORPHO would develop right here.

For her, the beauty of the bazaar is in the narrow shops, small workshops, antique shops that line the intertwined streets and cover an area of 6m2, 8m2, 10m2, against the trend that is dictated nowadays for people to buy branded products from huge stores in closed malls.

She describes the work as quite creative and that it needs time devotion. She loves the moment of the play between fire and silver wires. As an architecture student, she says that making jewelry, shaping the design and figuring out how to connect all the pieces as a whole is architecture for her in a nutshell.

She makes filigree because of their authenticity, uniqueness, their delicacy, the ability to connect us with the long history and tradition cherished by our elders and because of the sense of identity which arouses in the people.

During her work, Alexandra says that she wants to break the stereotype that filigree is jewelry for older women, and that she will defy this by making the designs in a modern way and closer to the youth.

She adds that she has support from all sides. Young people recognize her designs, and her story encourages many young girls to wear unique filigree pieces and also to be part of the creation of the design of their own piece.

Silver is often supplemented with other metals such as brass, copper, gold, and semiprecious stones that give filigree a whole new dimension.

The Old Skopje Bazaar is world famous with many masters who have dedicated their lives in small workshops. Foreign tourists put the bazaar first when visiting Skopje, because as the saying goes, this is the heart of the city.

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Translation:  Marija Zelenikovska (CKM)


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