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The perks of being a WECoach

“As an entrepreneurial learning mentor in adult learning, you need to go beyond arranging activities for your learners to acquire all the content prescribed in a curriculum or a syllabus. You are called to create opportunities for learners to independently develop their own learning, to become self-directed learners."

"You are expected to reduce their dependency on you as an educator, push them to draw upon their previous experience, assume new roles and learn from these immediately as they face new situations. This is not an easy step to make, and if it seems daunting remember that there is no such thing as the perfect mentor. Each has to develop their approach, following learners’ interests, passions and desires for value creation”.

These are the benefits of mentorship:



Stay tuned for our practitioner guide which will be available soon and it will support you to prepare and implement an entrepreneurial coaching journey!


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