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Success Story – A female-led enterprise in Italy “Wundergarten”

Wundergarten, located in a Mediterranean botanical garden in the Madonie Park (Sicily), is a project founded by a Sicilian social entrepreneur, Debora di Gesaro.

Wundergarten combines hospitality with life experience, contemporary art with botany. It offers diverse types of accommodation for holiday in a rural setting, but also relaxation, wellbeing, knowledge of Sicily, sport, excursions and open-air activities to explore nature and territory.


"I wanted to try art, as a message and regeneration of what is ruined, made sense. So I started a dialogue with the Park and the municipality to give this positive signal. I began to understand the importance of enhancing the territory. I told myself 'if I do it in art, I can do it in tourism'. Gratteri, the village where Wundergarten is located, was a little developed reality in which it was easier to create something new and emerge”.



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Charlotte Perault, EU Project Manager

Hélène Seigneur, EU Project Manager

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