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Great news! Now, you can find the WECAN Methodological Guide for WECoaches on the EPALE platform!

Funded by the Erasmus+ programme, EPALE is a European, multilingual, open membership community of adult learning professionals (adult educators and trainers, guidance and support staff, researchers and academics, and policymakers). As part of the European Union’s strategy, its aim is to promote more and better learning opportunities for all adults, by supporting and strengthening the adult learning professions.

As part of the WECAN Project, the project partners developed a Methodological Guide. It is a theoretical tool supporting women entrepreneurs in their journey as coaches. It is not only a guide for the WECoaches, but a toolkit as well, giving them a variety of energizers and icebreaker activities, thus helping them connect with their coachees.

Follow this link for the EPALE information on our project:


Project Coordinator

Centre d'Information Europe Direct

47, rue du Coq, 13001 Marseille, France
+33 4 91 42 94 75

Charlotte Perault, EU Project Manager

Hélène Seigneur, EU Project Manager

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