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Final Overview on the Fifth Session of the WECAN Training Program

At that’s a wrap! The WECAN training program ended with this fifth session.

The WECAN training program ended with the 5th session on 20 April. At the beginning of this session, the participants were shown a short murder mystery video, which was simultaneously a test of observance and awareness of how closely we actually look for things. In addition to the video, the participants played a game and were divided into different groups, and everyone was able to share one of their problems from different areas of their life so that the other group partners could suggest various solutions for solving the issue until the participant picked the solution that s/he found most appealing to her. This way the participants acknowledged the importance of presence and active listening.

They also enhanced their problem solving skills by listening to other people`s experiences and by helping their group partners to minimize their current unpleasant issues.

After the first workshop, the participants had the time to reflect on what kind of motivators they feel are most important for them in their lives and prioritize them by connecting them with their values. With this activity, everyone could see both the diversity and similarity of the motivating forces that people share in their work and lives. Then the participants were able to answer a questionnaire to give feedback to the partner projects not just for this last day but also to gather their experience of their entire entrepreneurial journey.

Last but not least, the whole process was summarized with the final daily evaluation by expressing thoughts, feelings and desires/wants (head, heart and body) of the day but also of the whole project in general.

The session ended with the delivery of certificates as a guarantee for their participation but also as a proof of their contribution of their knowledge and experience in this coaching process.


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