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Learning More About the Practical Use of IO2 and IO3 in the Fourth Session of the WECAN Training Program

What a great start of the week! We had our fourth session of the WECAN Training of WECoaches.

The 4th session started with an introduction of the WECAN curriculum and the dual role of the curriculum - a tool to support the learning process and improve the entrepreneurial skills both of themselves and of their coachees by leaning into the 4 module learning process. The introduction of the curriculum continued with a presentation into the e-learning platform and the use of it where the participants were guided through all the steps that were needed to appropriately engage into the learning online platform. The participants could see the various unconventional techniques, resources and specific activities for different situations (interactive presentations, textbooks, assessments etc.) as a part of each module on the online course.

The participants were also informed about the practitioner guide, which is incorporated in the learning platform and it contains practical tools to support both the WECoach and their coachee in the developmental process.

Then the participants were engaged in an activity where they discovered the meaning of IKIGAI and its aim to reveal your life passion and purpose. With the practice of ikigai each one of the participants was able to recognize their own full potential and contribution to the world by answering 4 main questions: what are you good at, what you love, what does the world and your society need that intersect into 4 main things: passion, vocation, mission and profession. With exemplary questions in a given template the participants implemented the ikigai guide onto themselves in a group discussion with a partner, and simultaneously listen and learn about other people`s passions and purposes.

Then they were engaged in another group where they were presented with different coaching scenarios that they could pick and express their thoughts on how they would approach the coachee by using their soft and hard skills. They were also able to give advice to their coachees on how to handle their entrepreneurial problem, which solution they found best for their situation and how to guide them through this imagined journey. After that, the WECoaches were introduced with the tool both for support of their entrepreneurial skills and their implementation. Through this brainstorming activity, they were able to reflect on their learning experience and share their ongoing realizations of themselves during this self-reflection process.

This creative and interactive session ended with another evaluation of the day by choosing an emotion on a drawing tree, which enabled the participants to express their feelings both for this session and for the coaching process in general.



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