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Coaching Women at the Second Session of the WECAN Training Program

We are continuing with the second session of the WECAN Training Program.

The second WECoach session was held April 13th.

This second session continued with the first workshop for the day where the participants learned about the process and the different styles of learning for adults from social, behavioral and experimental perspective and were able to acknowledge the 4 stages of learning (feeling, watching, thinking, doing) and the cross interrelated sections between (diverse, assimilate, converge and accommodate). Amongst this, they were also introduced with one of the many coaching models which is the GROW model (goal, reality, options, way forward) and they were given exemplary questions to boost this way of thinking and learning method. After the informative presentation of the techniques and methods of learning, each participant in a group discussion was able to share her opinion about which learning way is best for her, the way in which they learn and what they think is the best approach for communication and reflection with the coachee.

In addition to the first, the second workshop began by figuring out how to set a learning environment through a holistic approach, which will stimulate the learning process. The participants learned about the 3 stages (initiation, cultivation and separation) of their coaching journey, the need of adjustment through the changes and internalization of the learning process with the coachee. Then the participants were asked to fill the templates through collaboration and personalization of how they would like to be coached in a group discussion. This second WECOACH session ended with a daily evaluation of all the activities mentioned above and the participants were able to share their final opinions and experiences that they were enriched with during this daily session.


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