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There is madness to the process of developing an entrepreneurial mind-set, but this process cannot be pinpointed to the level where if everyone does X action will immediately become an Entrepreneur. It is instead a multidimensional competence and an ongoing process. The EntreComp framework has made clear that the entrepreneurship competence is a lifelong process. The above-mentioned presented theories, skills and models are not absolute and do not offer a standard Entrepreneurship Learning process. Instead, they are a reference point and provide an initial knowledge on the key aspects of entrepreneurship for you, the WECoaches, to adapt and use according to the needs and goals of your coaching journey with the target groups.


[1] For the Progression Model, see Annex I.

[2] More to be found in the appendix of EntreComp Framework, pages: 23-33.

[3] Social enterprises are longstanding agents of inclusive growth and have proved remarkably resilient within the face of economic adversity. By design, social enterprises address socio-economic challenges in innovative ways and involve citizens to become a part of the change. The European Commission Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD, 2017), has published a report named 'Boosting social enterprise development – Good Practice compendium' which contains a rich collection of initiatives/good practices across Europe. This compendium illustrates a range of policy approaches which will be used so as to determine an ecosystem for social enterprise development. Policy makers can draw inspiration from the planning of those initiatives and derive policy lessons from their implementation.


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